Searching high and growing wide to find the best hot chips in the world.

Delivery Hero Not Just Another Food Blogger Awards 2013

Hot Chip Favourites:
Three Williams (RFN) 5/5
Flying Fish (PYR) 5/5
Felix (SYD) 4.75/5

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish (RFN)

Ever wanted fries with your pizza? How about pizza on your fries.

Pizza fries is the concept from The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish

Combos are in!
Get a donut, get a crossiant – get a cronut.
Get a donut, get a waffle – get a wonut.

It’s a childlike idea – get your 2 favourite foods and combine them to make the best food in the world. 

Get a pizza, gets some fries – get yucked.

It’s just all a bit messy. Too much topping makes the chips soggy.  They sound good, they look great but they just don’t really work.

Perhaps next time the should -
Get a donut, get a chip – get a chonut!



ZeusStreetGreek vs JimmyGrants

Introducing the Hot Chip Battle Rounds!

The Hot Chip Battle Rounds are about deciding if in a life or death situation, would you get hot chips from café A or café B.  It really is an important decision, so to kick things off with an Almighty bang, our first ever Hot Chip Battle Round pits one Greek god against another. 

First up is the mythological figure himself - Zeus, the new Greek Street Food god to hit Drummoyne vs The Greek demi-god also known by humans as George Calombaris and his Greek Street fast food restaurant, Jimmy Grants

Both pack serious punch with their hot chips coming with both feta and oregano, however Jimmy Grants delivers the killer blow with the addition of garlic oil! Take your thunderbolt and smoke it Zeus.

The winner by knockout of this round is Jimmy Grants hot chips – which I give 5/5! They have crunch, flavour & personality.

Zeus chips (3.75/5) get a bit drowned in the feta while JG feta manages to melt nicely onto its chips.  Both are yum, JG is yummer.


This blog ain’t about burgers, but I thought i’d make an exception for the Ribs&Burgers French Fries Burger!

This blog ain’t about burgers, but I thought i’d make an exception for the Ribs&Burgers French Fries Burger!


Shisa Bar & Grill (Croydon Park)

When I go to a restaurant and hot chips are on the menu, well I need to order them.  This makes me 2 things. Friends & fatter.

Anyways, I went to Shisha Bar & Grill in Croydon with no intention of trying their chippies but since they were on the menu, I couldn’t help myself.  They are politely titled ‘crunchy chips’,  so I was expecting some crunchiness!  When they arrived, my eyes popped out of my Asian head because they looked amazing!  Beer battered for sure and double fried for unsure.

They were really good.  I would say ‘crispy chips’ as opposed to ‘crunchy chips’ but really yummy and well worth getting if you’re in the area.  They did have an interesting taste to them which I couldn’t describe, maybe something in the oil or a flavouring – if someone knows, fill me in.

Pretty fluffy inside as well, these were real munchies.  They’re smoking like a shisha!


Shisa Bar & Grill

61 Georges River Rd, Croydon Park NSW 2133


The Lunch Box (Lilyfield)

Here are a few words to describe the experience I had eating my recent serving of hot chips -

Captain Planet. Discman. Macarena. Art Attack. Tamagotchi.

 If you grew up through the 90’s you’ll be fondly reminded of the times of dial up internet when you vist The Lunch Box in Lilyfield.  You get excited about ordering an old school Burger with-the-lot and some hot chips. For my ‘eat in’ experience these came plonked in a white bowl.  The staff was laid-back, unhiptser and wonderful.

Whilst these straight up and down chips aren’t the most amazing you’ll find going around they are a throw-back to the local burger joint and were a genuine treat.


The Lunch Box
103 Lilyfield Rd, Lilyfield NSW



Bannisters (Mollymook)

I love hot chips.  I love shoe-string fries/thin cut chips.

So by that reasoning I love the thin hand-cut chips from Bannisters on the south coast of NSW.

Truth be told, I don’t think much varies between shoe-string fries in general and these weren’t 3 times as good as maccas fries as the price would reflect.  The view of the sun setting on the horizon is however, dare I say, a view at least 3 times better than Ronald McDonald’s play equipment.

These chips were what you want in chips, they taste like potatoes, they were delicious and were a genuine bowl scraper. 

191 Mitchell Parade, Mollymook NSW 2539


Ogalo chips. Good chips. Good memories.

Ogalo chips. Good chips. Good memories.


Three Williams (Redfern)

Three cheers for hot chips! Chip, chip hooray!

Big things happen in Threes - The holy trinity, three blind mice, the three amigos and Hanson.

Three Williams café not only cook their chips three times - they then beer batter them for good measure. And I loved them.

Triple cooking produces the perfect crunchy outside/fluffy inside combo and the batter gives a glorious crispiness and flavour. Accompanied by their house aioli, these were amazingly good hot chips.

They will set you back $7 which I believe is money well spent on a generous bowl which you will want to keep all to yourself. In the words of the Hanson brothers - Mmmm bop!

Five out of Five. Big Call.
Or a Three out of Three in the case of the amazing hot chips at Three Williams.

Chip rating: 5/5

Three Williams
613a Elizabeth St, Redfern


Felix (Sydney)

The most expensive hot chips i’ve ever had!

How much is too much to pay for golden batons of fried goodness? Should you pay thrice the amount if they have been thrice cooked? By my calculations I recently paid $5… per chip!

Truth be told I didn’t pay $82 JUST for hot chips, I also received Roast pasture fed rib –eye, Bordelaise sauce and sautéed mushrooms (for two).  However I see that as the side dish to Felix Bistro Restaurant’s  – Triple cooked pomme pont neuf!

These Parisian Fried Potatoes had their own French border protection which was both typically French and typically stupid.  To indulge in the elusive pot of gold chips, you couldn’t order them as a side, you couldn’t get them with another meal, you couldn’t politely ask the waitress for an act of kindness – you had to buy the $82 Rib-Eye!  And this blogger would not be deterred by something so trivial as a price tag… because I had a gift voucher!

40 minutes later the Potatoes appeared and my French-goodness they didn’t disappoint. I French kissed every one.

They were solid, chip formed, triple-cooked potatoes with a delicate crispiness.  The accompanying sauce was delightful and I must say, I’d gladly pay for them again (and the amazing dinner).

 The ridiculous nature of trying to obtain these chips counts against them but regardless I am rating them a massive 4.75/5.

Chip rating 4.75/5

Felix Bistro Restaurant and Bar
2 Ash Street, Sydney - Merivale


Not Just Another Food Blogger Award

Hot Chips Blog received an award recognising it as ‘Not Just Another Food Blog’.  Thanks everyone for loving chips and reading the blog.

'Some people have a thing for Camembert or Shiraz (or both together), but Ellis Lum Mow has a mild obsession with hot chips. It’s ubiquitous, yet rare to get top-notch hot chips. So often they’re just not quite there. They might be soggy, too crunchy, or just luke-warm and limp. Creating the perfect hot chip is a serious business. Not everyone is cut out for it (Ed: sorry we had to get one pun in there!), but with Ellis as your trusty guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect chip – in Sydney at least. Ellis’s quirky sense of humour and his love of the chip, have made his Hot Chips Blog stand out from the crowd. In our books he’s definitely Not Just Another Food Blogger!'

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